Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried leaving a message on your site, but have not heard back.   Unfortunately, along with the handful of questions i receive on my site, I get hundreds of spam messages per week.  It is very time consuming to sift through tons of spam for a few genuine comments. This is why I ask that you please address all questions and concerns to :


How do I pay for my order?   All payments are processed through PayPal when you check out. You will have all the purchase protection offered by PayPal and even further if you pay by credit card through PayPal.


How long will my order take?   Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible within 15-20 business days from receipt of payment unless otherwise noted.


It has been 15 days since I placed my order, has it shipped?    Please note, 15 -20 business days, not calendar days. This means that you do not count weekends and holidays.  Please allow 20 business days to pass before inquiring about your order.


Why does it take so long?   15 business days is approximately 3 weeks which is a fair turn around time for me since I do not keep items in stock. Every cast that you order is made to order.  Please understand also, that I am sharing my Hobby with all of you. I  hold a full time job and I’m a single parent.  Unfortunately I do not get to work on customs every day.  I wish I could, but real life doesn’t let me. SO i have limited time to process dozens and dozens of orders, which is why I thank every one of my customers for their patience.  I am constantly reminded tho, that I do not take as long as some of those other casts sites out there that only offer factory copies.  I try my best to stick to the time-frame posted.


Will you make a certain head cast so I can buy it?    This may be my most frequently asked question. I wish I had the time and resources to make every head requested, but the reality is I can’t.  Sculpting takes time. Enlarging takes time and materials. Lots of materials. So i can not simply do every request made, which is at least 3 per day.  Sorry. If  you would like a specific head made (enlarged or shrunk) you must order my service.


Will your cast fit the figure I plan on using?   As a cruel joke to customizers, not all neck pegs and ball joints are the same size. Even among the same line of action figures you can find multiple sizes of neck pegs. Depending on which action figure you use a certain Head Cast with, the Buyer may have to fill the hole in the head(to make it smaller) or Drill or carve out(to make it bigger) to fit your desired neck post as not all neck posts are NOT the same size.  Each cast is pre-drilled and usually snaps onto the body it is pictured with if applicable.


I would like you to sculpt a specific character, how do I go about ordering it?

Email me at to discuss.


I don’t see copies of a lot of the factory heads that are on other sites, do you offer those?    I do have large collection and consequently,  I have a lot of molds made from factory heads. I try to keep my  webstore filled with unique items that I have either sculpted, retooled, enlarged or shrunk. Cast that you cant get anywhere else.  There are plenty of casters out there that have tons of factory copies in their stores and I would be happy to direct you to one if I don’t have the mold for the specific head you are looking for.


 Can you sculpt my likeness?   Yes, I have done quite a few, including myself. Please email me to discuss further.


I ordered from your site yesterday, and placed a dispute with Paypal. I will release the funds when my order ships.   Yes, people actually do this.  As I said, each item is made to order. I can not risk that you will pay me after I ship. There are too many things in life that could interfere with you being able to make that payment so I insist on payment upfront.  If someone attempts to “hold” funds until I ship, your payment will be refunded.


Please NoteGlassmanCustoms is not responsible if the shipping address associated with your PayPal account is not current or up to date. GlassmanCustoms is not responsible for lost or stolen mail as well as packages damaged by post office error or carelessness.